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About Us

Incorporated in 1985, Truebite Inc. holds 8 patents and has developed more then 25 proprietary products which are sold on an international basis.

Founded on the values that our caring, integrity and service are the guiding principles that are carried through in every interaction with our customers, Truebite's team puts the same care and value into fulfilling a 250 piece order as we do into a 10,000 piece order.

Our goal is to develop our custom products for end users to not only achieve your sales goals but also make a big impression and provide you a significant return on their investment. 

We look forward to working with you and building a solid business partnership. Our reputation in the promotional business community has been built upon the dedication and knowledge we bring to each business relationship. Truebite has a hardworking and dependable staff that has dedicated itself to building lasting relationships with its customers.

Fotofiles Customer Service from Ed Calafut on Vimeo.